Sports History


Basketball was introduced into the Parker High School in 1906. The first high school basketball team was managed by Prof. Elstun and was composed of these players: Clarence Gates (captain and center), Herbert Botkin and Lloyd Keever, forwards, Mark Baughn, and Ray Morrow, guards. Four games were played, one with the Farmland High School and three with the Selma High School, Parker winning all.

The sports teams were called the Hi-Flyers. The colors were red and blue. In 1936-37 principal Hubert Dickson changed the name to Parker Panthers and the colors were changed to purple and white. The school song was to the tune of “On Wisconsin”

The home court basketball court was in various locations in town from 1906-1923. In 1924 a gym was built and attached to the Parker School on highway 32. The Parker Panthers played in that gym up to 1950’s. A four-team tournament was held annually in the facility. In the 1950’s the Panthers began to share a gym with Farmland for home games. Some practices were held in the Parker gym up through 1963 the last year of existence for Parker School. Parker, Farmland, Green, and Stoney Creek consolidated to form Monroe Central High School. The old Parker School and gym were torn down in the 1980’s.

From 1911-1937, Parker was unable to secure a Sectional Championship. During the 1937-38 year hopes were high. The team had a 18-7 season going into the Sectional. They grabbed the Sectional Title beating Jackson in the final game by a score of 41-39. The spell had been broken, and Parker went on to win a total of 12 Sectional Championships from that point until the school became part of the Monroe Central School Corporation in 1963. During these years, the Parker Panthers earned the reputation of being a tournament team by winning may of those Sectional titles while having rather mediocre regular season records.

From 1938-51 the Panthers established themselves firmly as a tournament team as they led the other county schools with a tournament record of 42-7. They won seven Sectional Championships and were runner-ups on three occasions.

1952-68 the Panthers were 25-7 in tournament play until they were engulfed by Monroe Central after the 1963 season. Parker won the Sectional during its final season. In addition to Sectional championships, Parker won five County championships and were runner-ups one. Parker won Sectional Titles in 1938,39,40,41,44,45,48,53,58,59,60, and 63.