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Parker City Municipal Utilities is responsible for providing the citizens with safe fresh drinking water. Our drinking water is treated at our water treatment plant located on E. Howard St. Our water comes from 3 wells located on city property near and around the water plant. The wells draw from the White River Basin Aquifier. After the water comes out of the wells, it is aerated to remove odor, filtered to remove iron and softened to remove hardness. Chlorine is then added for disinfect and .3ppm fluoride is added to bring our natural fluoride level up to 1 ppm. The facility ensures that water delivery demands can be met now and in the future. Parker City water meets all federal and state regulations.

Parker City Municipal Utilities is also responsible for the Parker City Sewer System. Our Sewage Treatment Plant is located on S Main St and protects the public health from disease causing bacteria and viruses. The treatment plant disinfects wastewater, eliminating many harmful organisms. The treatment plant also protects water quality so that we can enjoy clean streams and rivers. Parker City has applied for a grant to help fund a major sewage project. This project would help to upgrade our treatment plant, and prevent inflow and infiltration from our sanitary lines. This project would allow us to continue to meet all federal and state regulations. Our treatment facility consists of a tricking filter with a design flow of .192 mgd while the average flow is around 70,000 gpd.


Contact Info:

Water Department

Michael Deckman 765-468-7949


Sewage Department

Jimmy Wyman 765-468-7949

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